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Replace missing teeth with an innovative, effective restorative product, dental bridges. Contact Crawley Dental Clinic to discover if this could be right for you. 

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If you've experienced tooth loss, dental bridges are a way of combating the issue with a fixed solution. They bridge the gap between missing teeth and can be made up of 2 or more teeth, giving the impression of a full smile. Our dentists generally place very minimally prepared bridges thereby retaining as much tooth structure as possible.


A bridge is made up of two or more crowns, covering the teeth at either side of a gap, and false teeth in between. The two or more anchoring teeth are called abutment teeth and the false teeth are called pontics, which can be made from gold, alloys, porcelain, or a combination of these materials. Dental bridges are supported by natural teeth or by dental implants and could completely transform your mouth. Simply contact Crawley Dental Clinic to discuss this option for you.

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Tooth loss can be detrimental to how you feel about your teeth, making many of our clients feel self-conscious and even hiding their smile altogether.  Dental bridges are one option to help you enhance your oral health and learn to love your smile again, another example of how restorative dentistry can go a long way. 

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Traditional bridges - this involves creating a crown for the tooth or implant on either side of the missing tooth, with a pontic (false tooth) in between. Traditional bridges are the most common type of bridge and are made of either porcelain fused to metal or ceramics.


Cantilever bridges - are used when there are adjacent teeth on only one side of the missing tooth or teeth. This option isn't very common and isn't recommended in the back of the mouth as it can put too much force on other teeth, potentially damaging them.


Maryland bonded bridges - also called a resin-bonded bridge or a Maryland bridge, these bridges are made from porcelain, porcelain fused to metal, or plastic teeth and gums supported by a metal or porcelain framework. Metal or porcelain wings, often on just one side of the bridge, are bonded to your existing teeth.

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Why people believe in us

"Extremely anxious about visiting the dentist, so a friend recommended I try Dr Harshil Patel. I’m now anxious to ever try another dentist again 😬 He and the staff are all so friendly, patient and well trained!


Cannot recommend them enough!"

-  Michelle B, Google reviews

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